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QR Codes Auto Dealers

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What a difference 6 months can make. After birthing the idea of custom QR Codes based on automated inventory, the QR code programming team at Dealer Uplink is not stopping. With so many options and breathe of what QR Barcodes can do, expect to see some new and exciting stuff coming from the team.

As a marketing solution for auto dealers, and a way to connect the automotive dealer to the customer for years to come, Dealer Uplink’s QDN (Quick Display Network TM) coupled with the QRMS (Quick Response Management System TM) has made it simple to customize the options and provide over 20 different ways to connect to auto buyers. It’s no longer just about social media, search engines, email campaigns, web banners, or mobile websites; it’s about convergence of existing technologies and moving them to the palm of your hand for quick and easy access.