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Dealership Setup

72 Hours from START to PRINT! Our no-touch setup includes all integration, photo galleries, training, and leads. Our best performing Dealers sell in upwards of 15 cars per month! What is your Dealership MOBILITY PULSE?
QR Code No Touch Setup

Step 1: Start Now Simplified

From the moment you say YES, our team springs into action coordinating things in the background so that you and your team can continue with your processes as normal. We coordinate with your DMS, third party data and website feeds to ensure your automotive QR’s are instantly ready to be scanned in any medium you choose.

Setup by Best Tech

Step 2: No Touch Setup

Once you hit the START NOW button we are off and running and Staples, the world’s largest office supply chain, is right beside us. Their Business Advantage division springs into action and shows up at your Dealership with everything you need to get started. They setup and train your team using Dealer Uplink’s proven process.

Stick the QR and Sell

Step 3: Stick & Sell

Within minutes of connecting with your DMS inventory, our team batch prints your entire inventory and drops them at your front door! Your team spends a few minutes sticking the QR’s on your existing inventory, and you are 100% ready to start selling 24/7/365 mobile style.

Sample Detail Bay Setup

Quick Answers

In most situations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico  we can have you setup within 72 hours of DMS connectivity.

Yes, once in our system, your account manager will arrange for onsite training and setup of our system. All of it is included in our pricing.* We have proven that when a Dealership is trained correctly and follows our proven process, it yields great success in the amount of cars sold using the QR system.

*See Account Manager for details.

After signing up with Dealer Uplink, the corporate office will generate QR codes for all of your inventory. We will pre-print your entire inventory at one time (batch print) and ship them (in bulk) to your front door!

Dealer Uplink uses a 4″ x 6″ interior sticker specifically manufactured for our dealers and is the largest sticker approved by the FTC for a clearer view on the front windshield. It comes complete with your dealership branded logo and is¬†also a ready to use stock sticker making it one solution for all your team.

No! Dealer Uplink recommends using the FREE equipment provided as you will see better results when you follow our “Best Practices” as our major clients do. However, all you need is an internet connection, computer and standard printer! You can access your inventory 24/7/365 from any mobile smartphone device including tablets, etc.