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On-The-Lot = Print, Stick & SOLD! (P.S.S)

After your Dealership is setup, our Usability Team takes over and provides simple steps to keep you successful month-after-month. It’s why our QR Codes sell cars every month nationwide and our clients value the simple and easy process. P.S.S will enhance the way you and your team sell cars
Print QR Codes for Cars

PRINT: The Simple Details

Printing On-The-Lot is so simple! In fact, our Dealers can generate hundreds of QR Codes in seconds for a huge return on investment. As Car Guys, we know a proven process brings proven results. The fact of the matter is that if cars show up without valuable information, customers walk to the next lot. With LIVE support, training, and unlimited stickers your team has the right support to move cars quicker using our mobile solutions. Our P.S.S. proven process is so secret, that it keeps our Dealers ahead of the competition.

How to Stick the QR Sticker

STICK: Consistent Placement

Location of QR’s are vital to your success! No matter what manufacture you have, the QR’s are placed in the same location every time. WHY? Proven results based on consumer usability studies! Secretly, at our beta Dealerships, we constantly test QR sticker placement which proves that the visibility of our QR Codes on the front windshield results in better and quicker responses from consumers for our clients. This placement is pivotal in the interaction and ROI for your dealership.

Passive QR Code Sales

SOLD: Passive Interactive

The best, non-intrusive way to connect with smartphone users is through Dealer Uplink. Our On-The-Lot research showed us what worked and what didn’t. Gimmicks and pop up offers with savvy smartphone shoppers only caused them to abandon the buying tool. QR codes are becoming an industry standard and smartphone shoppers want to buy a car on their terms. Its why we built a Mobile Playground where you control what they see, while gently nudging them to Make You An Offer or Schedule A Test Drive.

Sample Stickers On-The-Lot

Quick Answers

Yes, in most cases Dealerships are doing away with the hand written stock stickers as the automotive QR Sticker has all of the stock and VIN info necessary.

Our best performing dealership utilize their detail bay as it is likely to be the best location as it usually is perfectly equipped to PRINT & STICK the QR Codes. Each dealership is unique and our trained Account Managers will help determine the best location to fit your needs. The process is the most important part of seeing results. Also note that our QR Stickers replace most STOCK STICKERS. So ONE sticker, two functions.

Need? No. Recommended? Yes! Today’s technology is pushing savvy sales teams to utilize them every day. In our humble opinion, it should be the first question on your Dealerships employment questionnaire. Mobile is where the future is going.

No, you can print one or a hundred. Run out of stickers? We will have them too you in a snap. Oh…and the stickers are included at NO EXTRA charge, even if you need to reprint them.

Dealer Uplink uses a 4″ x6″ interior sticker specifically manufactured for our dealers and is the largest sticker approved by the FTC for an clear view on the front windshield. It comes complete with your dealership logo and functions as a ready-to-use stock sticker making it one solution for your entire team. It is applied from the interior of the vehicle and is full weather proof! We found that these types of stickers kept their integrity for months and were out of the way so that they were never damaged by consumers or staff. However, don’t be fooled! Not ALL stickers are the same as others. In fact, the competition primarily uses an exterior sticker which have been found to not weather well which causes poor scans. Our placement of the sticker in the exact same spot, on the drivers side, front windshield enables easy scans nearly 100% of the time and provides a branded method to introducing consumers to this normally uncluttered area of the car. With Dealer Uplink, there is only a one-time charge and you are never charged for reprints, extra stickers, etc.

Yes, we provide you and your team marketing material and quick use guides to help provide another tool your Sales team can use On-The-Lot.