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Dealer Uplink announces the launch of its QR Barcode Quick Display Network for the automotive industry whereby giving instant consumer access to vehicle essentials while providing turn-key lead generation and tracking for automotive dealerships.

QR BarcodesQR Barcodes, used as a marketing tool, is an emerging trend in big-box retail and sales environments. Retailers such as Best Buy and Lowes introduced QR Barcodes late last year as a way for consumers to gather basic information. The automotive industry has been slow to implement QR Barcodes for consumers due to the lack of inventory integration, lead generation, and mobile display networks until now.

In late March, 2011, Dealer Uplink LLC launched the beta version of its Quick Display Network (QDN) and its turnkey Software as a Service (SaS) for Auto Dealerships to generate QR Barcodes. The technology was tested at select automotive dealerships in Central United States with great success and in May of this year launched nationwide.  Dealer Uplink provides the only QR Barcode software in the automotive industry using the Quick Display Network (QDN) to generate additional leads and newer customers. Using less effort and marketing dollars, they help capture the next generation of auto buyers. Dealer Uplink leads other turnkey software solutions looking to help auto dealers tap the Smartphone and mobile markets directly using QR Barcodes.

George J Lamelza III, President and CIO said “only a few companies are looking into the use of QR Barcodes for Auto Dealerships and their approach is providing a link to something the consumer already has access to which lacks innovation and solutions. Our Quick Display Network (QDN) provides key essentials for consumers giving dealerships a way to generate leads while providing an interactive experience with the vehicle.”

While many auto dealerships are starting to put QR Barcodes into their advertising and marketing, the basic technology doesn’t give way to engaging the consumer. This next generation consumer continually demands more buying decision tools involving quick mobility access. The Dealer Uplink team has used their experience to build an advanced solution for automotive dealers.

CEO Jay Martinez said “Our team has a few decades of experience in the automotive industry with respect to trends in emerging technologies. We are constantly innovating around the idea that QR Barcodes are more than a novelty item as a link to a website. Our vision is for QR Barcodes to become the new powerhouse; used as an effective information and lead generation tool which captures the next generation of buyers.”

About Dealer Uplink LLC
Dealer Uplink provides the next generation of marketing solutions for the auto industry with a focus of giving auto dealerships the advantage in a new media marketplace. Founded by entrepreneurs Jay Martinez (Fortune Development Group) and George J Lamelza III (Team Media), Dealer Uplink is known specifically for their turnkey deployment of QR Barcodes as a marketing solution through their quick display network (QDN). This solution meets the needs of both the industry and consumers as Dealer Uplink provides lead generation and tracking for auto dealerships while displaying quick, direct and usable vehicle information for consumers during their auto buying experience.  For more information about Dealer Uplink visit


Media Contact
John Taylor
Coordinator of Communications
Dealer Uplink LLC
855-4-Uplink  x725


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