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QR Codes for Auto Dealers
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Dealer Uplink: The First and Original Solution for Automotive QR Codes for Auto Dealers…

Don’t be fooled by the late entries of companies offering a QR mobile solution. Dealer Uplink difference is a proven system that gets results combining mobile usability with On-The-Lot knowledge. Our team has decades of experience selling cars, inventorying cars, and running the back offices. We are the original solution and our process secures your success and that consumers will continue to use our solution to make the second largest purchase in their life. All the rest, are just copies.

CEO Jay Martinez said “Our team has a few decades of experience in the automotive industry with respect to trends in emerging technologies. We are constantly innovating around the idea that QR Codes are more than a novelty item as a link to a website. Our vision is for QR Codes to become an industry changing powerhouse; used as an effective information and lead generation tool which captures smartphone users.”

QR Solution Automotive

After a year of innovation, new startup’s are offering QR Solutions for Auto Dealers. The simple difference is our proven and tested track record of providing leads and producing sales. As a Dealer Uplink client, you get VIP access to our long term results while leveraging our analytics into connecting with smartphone users.

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