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What You Get

The average Dealership spends nearly $700 per vehicle to market it for sale!! Our solution costs will NEVER exceed $5 per VIN and adds a QR enabled interactive mobile microsite which gives the smartphone users the keys to your inventory. This proven system sells vehicles On-TheLot, in the local papers, and online. Now is the time to capture the mobile market and use the leader in QR Codes for Automotive Dealerships, Dealer Uplink, as your platform for success. G Lamelza, President

QRMS: QR Management System

Our QRMS instantly updates your QR Codes, pricing, links, analytics, and Data Feeds every hour on the hour 24/7/365. Change pricing & scan the QR Codes to find real-time changes broadcast to your smartphone customers. With big icons, easy click buttons, & help when you need it, our QRMS makes to simple to see & track results (view screen shots below).

Stickers: No Reprint Charge!

Our QR Stickers are FTC approved and custom built by Sticker Vendor Executives who understand sticker placement rules and FTC restrictions! Dealer Uplink makes it easy for each dealership with zero charges for extra stickers, mis-prints, and duplicates. ONE CHARGE makes doing business with us simple, efficient, and cost-effective. 

QDN: Quick Display Network

The Quick Display Network (QDN) was built for mobile users by mobile experts. We tested the QDN for over a year on 2G, 3G, and 4G. Dealer Uplink built the QDN on over 10 major network backbones, which gives your smartphone mobile customers quick access to vehicle information while giving you LIVE, real-time tracking.


QRMS Screen Shots

Sample QDN Screen Shots